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Mountain Speedway is a 1/3 mile asphalt oval located in the beautiful mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. The speedway hosts exciting stock car racing every weekend from April to October, making it one of NEPA's premier entertainment attractions.
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Mountain Speedway
Mill Mountain Road
St Johns, PA 18701
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(570) 788-7544

Mountain Speedway is available to rent
to any team interested in
testing their cars. To schedule a
date and time please call
the track office at (570) 788-7544.


































Matt Hirschman Takes First “King of the Mountain” Sweep- October 13, 2013
Matt Hirschman Continues Mountain Speedway Reign- October 12, 2013
Jimmy Zacharias Nets Another Mountain Speedway Modified Victory- September 29, 2013
Brian DeFebo Claims Tenth Mountain Modified Win- September 22, 2013
Harry O’Neill, Scott Riggleman and Mike Carroll, Jr. Claim Victory at Mountain- September 21, 2013
Kyle Harvell Wins Fifth Straight at Mountain Speedway- September 15, 2013
Matt Hirschman Goes Three For Three at Mountain- September 8, 2013
Mitch Hawk Dominates Late Model Feature at Mountain Speedway- August 31, 2013
Pair of Win Equals 4Gs for Matt Hirschman at Mountain Speedway- August 24, 2013
Adams, Riggleman, Bock, Ryan and Johnson Enduro Day Winners- August 18, 2013
Kyle Harvell Takes Fourth Mountain Speedway Late Model Victory- August 17, 2013
Jason Hearne Notches First Mountain Modified Victory- August 10, 2013
Travis Fisher Takes Mountain Speedway Late Model Checkers- August 3, 2013
Win No. Nine Comes With Ease for DeFebo at Mountain Speedway- July 20, 2013
Mitch Hawk Takes Third Late Model Win of the Season at Mountain Speedway- July 13, 2013
Jimmy Zacharias Scores First Career Mountain Speedway Victory- July 6, 2013
Brian DeFebo Continues Mountain Speedway Domination- June 29, 2013
Paul Morgan, Jr. Pockets $1,500 in Mike Moyer, Jr. Memorial at Mountain Speedway- June 22, 2013
Brian DeFebo Notches Another Mountain Speedway Modified Victory- June 15, 2013
Brian DeFebo Remains Unstoppable at Mountain Speedway- June 8, 2013
Bock, Riggleman, Spencer and Adams Shine at Mountain Speedway- June 2, 2013
Travis Fisher Takes Second Straight Sport Modified Victory at Mountain Speedway- June 1, 2013
Zane Zeiner and Brian DeFebo Share Mountain Speedway Gold- May 25, 2013
Travis Fisher Earns First Career Sport Modified Victory at Mountain Speedway- May 19, 2013
Brian DeFebo Batting 0.750 at Mountain Speedway- May 12, 2013
Jason Hearne Bolts from Third to First in Second Sport Modified Victory- May 5, 2013
Brian DeFebo Takes Second Straight Mountain Modified Victory- April 28, 2013
Brian DeFebo Takes 44th Mountain Modified Victory- April 21, 2013
Jason Hearne Takes Mountain Sport Modified Opener- April 14, 2013
Larry Spencer Head of Class in Mountain Enduro- April 13, 2013
Nick Pecko Victorious in Mountain Lidlifter- April 7, 2013
Scott Riggleman Takes Mountain Enduro Victory- April 6, 2013
Hartwig, White, Wink and Hilliard Earn Mountain Speedway “Frostbite” Victories- January 5, 2012


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