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Transponder Mounting Rules
Transponder must be properly installed in mounting bracket and bracket must be fastened securely with pop rivets. (NO wire tied or duct taped brackets and/or transponders)
The track utilizes AMB transponders, and Brackets are available at the Speedway on race days. You may rent a unit, or use your own. (small fees apply)






Mountain Speedway is a 1/3 mile asphalt oval located in the beautiful mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. The speedway hosts exciting stock car racing every weekend from April to October, making it one of NEPA's premier entertainment attractions.
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Mountain Speedway
Mill Mountain Road
St Johns, PA 18247
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(570) 788-7544

Mountain Speedway is available to rent
to any team interested in testing their cars. To schedule a date and time please call
the track office at (570) 788-7544.