2010 Pit Parking Registration
It is recommended that ALL TEAMS reserve a Pit Pad. If you do not reserve a Pit Pad, You may be re-located anywhere in the pit area by Track Management based on Special Events, Arrival Time at Speedway, Etc.

(Please circle one)

Reserved Concrete Pad (Mods only): $100.00
Reserved Paved Pit Pad: $100.00
All Other Reserved Pads: $50.00
***NOTE*** - Reserved parking EXCLUDES King Of The Mountain weekend.

Car # _________________  Division ___________________ Phone Number ______________________

Date___________   Print:_________________________   Sign:________________________________

Mail Form with Payment To: Make Check Payable To: Mountain Speedway

Mountain Speedway
627 Can-Do Expressway
Hazle Twp., PA 18202